Best of the Archive

$18,000 Worth of Creative Problem Solving : The one about going to grad school

An Open Letter to Angry People Who Are, Or Think They Are, Fat. : The one about haters

Bike:1 Red:0 : The one about the lidocaine in the fridge

E and Me, Part I, Part II, Part III, The ones about fighting for love and sort of winning.

E and Me, Part IV and Part V, The ones about losing love.

Inner Monologue : The one about getting distracted while making out

It’s Not Brain Surgery… : The one about the elevators

It’s What You Crave : The one about White Castle

Lies, Damned Lies, And Statistics : The one about getting married

Like a Surgeon – Hey! : The one about the duvet cover

Meatballs : The one about the meatballs

Oops! Mind the Forklift! : The one about the MRI

Thank You For Not Smoking : The one about the patient who set herself on fire

The Jeep and the Marshmallow and the Very Boring Car : The one about why I can’t go green

Thoughts On a Sheeted Stretcher : The first one about a dead guy

Um, there’s A Body By The Elevator…Anyone? : The second one about a dead guy

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire : The one about cigarettes and lovers

Wine and Roses, Beer and Burgers : The one about the ex-boyfriends

You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman : The one about heart disease


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