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So I’ve got baggage. But it’s all cute and it matches. That’s the main thing, right? “Lessons learned the hard way” take up most of the suitcases, the ex-boyfriends are stuffed in the steamer trunk, and my medication and bipolar disorder fit snugly in the carry-on. Nope, can’t ditch that one at the check-in counter.

This is not the life I bargained for when I called off my wedding at 22. Before that time, I’d had about 3 boyfriends and never “just dated” anyone. I figured I’d just have a few more and find the right person in much the same undramatic fashion as I found my ex-fiance.

That? Did not happen.

Since then I’ve had a few proper boyfriends, about eleventy-three dates, and one complete and utter nervous breakdown (which, if you ask me, is a great way to get three weeks off work when your shrink signs the right papers). I’ve dated doctors, a chef, a computer programmer, a fireman, several cute military men, and an engineer. One said he loved me, one tried to hit me, one almost broke my bed and two broke my heart.

You’d think that by now I might have learned a few lessons about a few things. Here’s one: if you stumble into TJ Maxx on just the right day, you can get your paws on a striped Kate Spade suitcase for $64.99.



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  1. hi, I’m new to your blog, I wanted to say I love it, especially how frank you are in your description. We all have baggage, by the way.

  2. Eleventy-three dates? How much is that in cat years?

  3. smiled the whole time reading the text above 😉


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